How to Not Look Tired

When you feel tired your body suffers too: your skin looks paler and drier, and you get puffy eyes or dark circles under your eyes. Although it is recommended to sleep eight hours a day in order to properly rest and keep your body healthy, sometimes you can’t afford to have your beauty sleep. Late nights out, studying for an important exam or simply finishing some things you weren’t able to do during the day are some of the most common reasons for looking and feeling tired. In order to look fresh after a sleepless night you can use some of the tips listed below.


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Make Your Skin Glow

The best way to bring life to your tired, pale skin is to use a tinted moisturiser or an adequate foundation. You should opt for light tones, since darker shades will only accentuate your tired look, instead of concealing it. A facial self bronzer is also a great choice because it will give your skin a warmer tone and make it glow. Keep in mind that you need to apply the moisturiser or the foundation in thin layers, because any excess coverage will give your skin an unnatural look. To enhance your complexion even more and give your face a fresh healthy look, use pink blush on your cheeks.

What about Tired Eyes?

Dark under-eye circles and red lower waterline make your eyes look really tired. Use a tinted concealer to get rid of those yellowish or bluish circles under your eyes. To conceal the red waterline use a white pencil to line both the waterline and your lower eyelids. Also, you can try putting some white eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes to make them look brighter. Applying a brownish eyeliner and mascara is another combination that will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, as well as less tired.

Bring Attention on Your Lips

One of the tricks to make you look less tired after a busy night is to emphasize your lips. Use an apricot, coral or pink moisturising gloss that will make your lips look more attractive while hydrating them in the same time. In this way, you will draw attention to your lips and make other minor face imperfections less noticeable.

Bring Your Hair Back to Life

A greasy hair or a dry, damaged hair can make you look even more tired than you are, so you should reach out for some easy-to-apply hair products that will help you with this problem. You can use a dry shampoo spray or a baby powder as an easy fix for greasy hair, while a conditioning balm will do the same for dry hair. Once your hair looks freshly washed, you can wear your hair down, which will make you look less tired.

All in all, you can use these tips to look radiant after a sleepless night, but following these guidelines will only help you conceal imperfections and make you look less tired for the time being; a healthy lifestyle is a change that will make you feel and look fresh and energized permanently.

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